We're On A Mission

Helping Businesses Generate Content

High Standards In Everything

We build products that directly reflect our users to their customers. Therefore, we must maintain high standards in terms of the products we build and output we deliver. Everytime we settle for less, we are putting their business, brand and reputation at risk. We are one with the customer in which our interest is seen through our services.

Don’t Sit on The Fence

Tough decisions are made everyday. These include decisions in technology, communication, partnerships, finance and life. Problems are never solved when we're indecisive. Therefore, it's important that we have high conviction with every decision and make clear choices. Sitting on the fence increases bureaucracy, reduces company agility and leads to a lack of transparency. Customers also benefit when they can clearly understand the decisions we've made on our product.

Mental Health Matters

In the short term, companies often benefit from the deterioration of their employees mental health. Whether thats through long work hours, discriminatory environments or bureaucracy preventing people from excelling. However, in the long term, its almost always detrimental to the overall health of not only the business but society at large. The institutional knowledge that a person builds up over time is invaulable and can actually turn into a competitive advantage. We take mental health seriously and pay attention to the well-being of our team. The longer everyone is here, the stronger we are as a company.

Think In Terms of Momentum

Opportunities multiply as they are seized and they die when neglected. Momentum are why businesses succeed and fail over the long term. Momentum often comes and goes but the longer our business can sustain it, the more likely we'll exist for decades.

Product is a Journey

Product development is a continous process that never ends. There is no end of the road where the product cannot be improved. If you label our product as "mature", it means we're not taking enough product risk and we've failed our customers.



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