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Optimial Word Count

Ads are generated under Amazon's character limit of 50 characters

Ads Generated At Scale

Take advantage of the millions of shoppers on Amazon and grow your brand with high performing copywriting. The goal of Amazon Headline Ads is to get potential buyers to click through to your brand page. The right product copy is important in persuading them to start the buyer journey.


Relevant Engaging Content

  • Search Intent Amazon Headline Ads are matched with a specific search phrase from the customer. Using our Buyer Persona tool, match generated Ad copy with search intent from your customers on Amazon.
  • Multiple Creatives: Generate more relevant Ad copy for different campaigns you run on Amazon.

Target Audiences

  • Facebook Audiences: Match Facebook Target Audiences with our Buyer Persona Tool to deliver personalized ads that are relevant to the user's needs.
  • Maximize profitability: BI retail data can be used to inform your decisions about which promotions to run (and when), how to make marketing choices based on geolocation, and when to take items off the shelves and into your online store, maximizing your profits

Customer trends & behavior

  • Customer profiles: Have customers easily create a profile to learn more about their shopping habits, their order history, and their preferences

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