Best Websites for Copywriters

By Paul Wynter April 3rd, 2020

How to get writing jobs:

If you’re desperate to get some cash flowing in when it comes to getting a writing job, there are a few things that you can use to help yourself along. They all sound simple, but it really is the little things that make all of the difference. First and foremost, you’re going to want to be writing almost constantly. Like, every single day. Good, successful writers spend a lot of time writing and do whatever they can to improve their skills in small ways that turn out to actually be big wats. Another thing you can do is educate on the field of writing. Read books on how to write, take online courses to help with the actual technique of writing and keep on educating yourself however you can. The last thing you can do is to make use job ads. Some of these are traditional ads for writers that you’ll see on Craig’s List and other venues, but there are also all sorts of ads (thousands) on websites that are actually designed specifically for copywriters. This is where you will find some chunk of change if you are careful about it.

The importance of writing platforms:

These websites, often called writing platforms, are spaces where recruiters will be posting ads and writers will apply for positions. These positions are most often freelance positions and you can be applying for (and working in) multiple jobs at the same time. Some platforms, on the other hand, will simply list their writers and recruiters will bring the jobs to them. Both methods are effective and can give a lot of perks to writers on the hunt:

• They offer a great intro to the field: If you are just starting out as a professional writer (whether it’s fresh out of college or a change in career), writing platforms allow you to introduce yourself to working for and with clients, customer relations, writing technique, content briefs, negotiations and more. It’ll help you see the list of responsibilities that writing can bring and show you just how to adapt as you go. Learning on the job, basically.

• Primed for beginners: Unlike a lot of the places in which you have to have 5 years of professionally approved experience, writing platforms are designed for beginners that want to get their feet wet. While this can be frustrating for recruiters who are expecting high end writing, it does mean that they can shape a new beginner to their needs and expectations.

• Priced low but offer a lot of work: The prices that writers charge and/or what companies pay are often low and they can sometimes be considered content mills (think sweat shops, but online, but there is plenty of work and you can be on more than one platform at a time (in fact, most are).

The best website for copywriters:

• Fiverr: This focuses on listing writers with their own profiles and experience levels and recruiters will submit gigs that they offer through an order. In this unique platform, Fiverr does the marketing work on behalf of the writer and the jobs come to them.

• Upwork: Recruiters will post job details as well as salary information and writers will apply for the job explaining why they’re good candidates. Successful applicants will be alerted and the contract will start.

• iWriter: This is a tiered system in which writers start out at a lower level and then work their way up to higher tiered jobs where they are paid more money for their skills.

• FlexJobs: This is higher end and focuses on allowing experienced writers apply for high paying gigs that often will renew contracts often and allow for somewhat dependable income. They can even allow for staff positions in some case.

• This is similar to Upwork and is designed to enable writers to apply for jobs and compete with each other. It does focus a bit more on long-term contracts, however, which is great if you like stability.

How to determine the best one for you

A lot of these sound the same and it can be intimidating to figure out which one is the right one for you. The best thing to do if you are feeling overwhelmed is to take a moment ask yourself these questions:

• What do you want to gain?: Certain platforms may offer better deals or more client relations. Understand what it is that you are hoping to gain from the experience.

• What can you bring to the table?: Do you have experience and a background in writing that platforms like flexJobs or iWriter are looking for? Or, are you going to have to “fight” for jobs like with Upwork or Fiverr? It’s important to think about as far as focus and energy levels.

• What are the other writers out there saying?: Take note of what other writers are saying about platforms. There’s plenty of chatter about the pros and cons of systems like Fiverr, Upwork, and more. Also take a look at any kinds of hidden fees or under-the-table rules on the higher end platforms like FlexJobs. Writers often happily share this information to protect others on the search.

Writing online is a popular job and you can make a living out of it, you just need to know what to look for, where to look for it, and what to rely on to get it. Enjoy the hunt!

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