Product Copywriting Tips for Fashion/Apparel Products

By Paul Wynter April 3rd, 2020

Everyone and their dog is online and trying to see something these days. It can be frustrating to try to get your own product out there for the world to see, even though it really is the real deal. If you’re tired of trying to beat the competition and getting nowhere, it might be time to take a moment in order to understand what you’re actually putting out there as far as your store. No, not your products themselves, rather the product descriptions that you’re using to compel a buyer to purchase something from you. Here are some tips when writing product content for your fashion products.

• Focus on the needs of your core customers: The thing is, haters are everywhere. They love ragging on your brand and leaving negative comments or badmouthing you online. Then there’s the uninterested browsers who simply click from link to link and then go somewhere else. Ignore these people, because they don’t matter. You will not have a 100% conversion rate no matter how good your descriptions are. So, instead, focus your descriptions on your ideal customer. Do the time to understand who your customers are and use that research to help you create product copy that is going to speak directly to them and their needs. This will resonate well with them and they’ll be more compelled to buy.

• Understand what makes your company different (and better): Before you start writing advertisements, you’ll want to understand what draws customers to your company and your products. It seems strange, but this is what makes analytics so important. You can’t sell to a customer if you don’t understand why they like you and your products. Are they coming to you simply because you’re cheap? If so, use it. Are they interested in you because you focus on sustainable sourcing and ethical boundaries? If so, talk about that in your copy. Whatever the important details are that stand out specifically to your customer, use that to help you gain popularity amongst the competition that doesn’t do that.

• Focus on the hype of the products: When it comes to the actual copy itself and speaking to your customer, don’t get too hung up on the details of your products. These can be listened in bullet points at the bottom. Instead, focus the descriptions on the hype behind the product. What’s so great about your jeans? Why is your customer going to be amazed with them? Take note of these points and use them to focus your description on. Your customer doesn’t care about colours or weight. They care about quality, materials, longevity and fit.

• Go pro for SEO: Specifically because there is so much competition out there, you are going to want to really focus on SEO. Short for search engine optimization, SEO focuses on the use of targeted keywords that a copywriter will use in the descriptions. These keywords must be accurate and effective, as these are what customers are going to be using to type into search engines. So, if you choose the wrong keywords, your customers won’t even know you’re out there. There are plenty of places that you can go to when you need to hire SEO specialists to make sure that you are using the right keywords.

• Invest in proper product images: Then there’s the actual pictures that you use in the descriptions. You can easily and affordably hire someone to take professional photos of your products to use with your product descriptions. An inferior photo will not only lose your interest to customers, it may even make you look like you are just operating out of a basement instead of being a professional like you actually are.

• Use social media: if you enable your descriptions with share buttons, shoppers will often share the product with a loved one who otherwise may not have known about it. Then they might like your page on Facebook, or share it on with someone else in return. It gives you more opportunity to the word out about your brand and your products as well. This, of course, translates to even more analytical data for you to use in the future, too.

• Optimize for mobile shopping: Last but not least, take the time to optimize your descriptions, your photos, your purchasing page and your entirely website for mobile use. Most shoppers do so on their phones now, so if your descriptions and website are not mobile-friendly, they will go to your competition and shop there instead. Focus on keeping your descriptions perfected for the smaller screens and you’ll win more customers than you thought. It’s a simple detail but it really will make all of the difference in the long run.

A lot of writers may not even realize they have all of these qualities because they often can be best determined or observed by people around them. But if you really want to become a good writer, these are the qualities to focus on.

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