How Machine Learning is Changing Retail Marketing

By Paul Wynter November 10th, 2019

Somewhere in the dark corners of our minds, we knew that machines were going to take over the world. But, most of us never thought it would be in something like retail marketing. Or, not as fast as it’s happening, anyway. Each year, however, machine learning for retail is coming along and changing the way that we look at customer service forever. The issue now is to make sure that we can keep up with the changes. What do you need to know about machine learning and its growing relationship with retail marketing? Here are the details.

• It’s now an alternative to brick and mortar stores: No longer do you have to go physically into a store to get access to a shop and its details. You can take a look at the option for an online opportunity that relies entirely on the concept of machines. AI will guide customers to what they want to see on your product pages and offer them answers to some of the more basic questions. They’ll be able to take over some of the more basic options of customer service and give customers the comfort of not coming into a store. This is great for those with limited corporate budgets and those who want to steer clear of a large rental fee on traditional storefront space.

• It helps predict shifts and changes faster and better than humans: One of the biggest details to get right in marketing and the world of retail is to be able to change with the times. From prices to trends to availability, you have to be able to keep up with your competition and outpace it if possible. This requires a lot of effort and research as well as taking a few risks. Machine learning is going to change all of that for the better. A machine can access an endless amount of data in real time and be able to tell you the changes that are coming as well as how you can respond to them. You’ll have virtually real time data on the current trends within your niche that will help you almost anticipate a customer’s needs as they change, before a human could. This puts machines to work learning about the trends of your niche market and allows you to put your human brain power in how you want to change with those times.

• AI understands the customer faster and intuitively: Since AI has the option of being multi-channel. It can take a look at what the customers are doing and what they are looking for. The AI will be able to keep track of their preferences and still be tracking all of the data that you want to see on the other side. AI will understand the customer and their needs faster and better than humans, leading to a better customer-oriented service that will mean better results.

• It helps with supply and demand: One of the worst parts of running a business is keeping an eye on stock and helping make sure that you are always on the winning side of general retail-based supply and demand. Machine learning is going to be a great option to add to your team here as well. It will be able to understand what is selling — even predict why — and then it will help you to make sure that you’ve got whatever they’re looking for. This is a great option where computer processors and their impressive speeds can be really helpful in making our jobs as retail suppliers much easier and a piece of cake in terms of figuring out what comes next in the supply and demand cycle.

• It gives the people what they want: The whole point of retail is to give the customer what they want. The customer was speed, precision and the right supply in your establishment. Machine learning can offer all of that. It can also make better the service and supply that you are able to offer to any of those same customers. On that same thought, the modern customer wants ot work with technology. It’s what is familiar to them, and by offering machine learning through AI, you’ll be giving the customer what they want.

Simply put, machine learning is progressing the world or retail into the modern day through the use of smart and adaptable technology. It progressing the world of retail to the point where AI can actually help make classic retail service better in all of the right ways. Faster responses, better stock, easier growth in a way that customers want. It’s all possible easier and faster with the use of AI and machine learning. The goal is simply to put it to work in the best way for each retail establishment. There are different tiers that it can take over. Most places will start with one tier or maybe two. Other places will want ot go all out in terms of putting machine learning to work in every aspect available. Whether you find it unsettling or just business as usual about AI taking over the (retail) world, it’s time to admit that it simply is here and now. In fact, its already happened, actually, we just didn’t notice it. The only goal now becomes taking a look at how you can make it work for you and your business. Machine learning is certainly going to be the future of eCommerce. The question now is: are you ready to use it to your advantage?

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