Why Creating Unique Content Is So Significant For Your SEO?

By Paul Wynter August 2nd, 2020

Whenever we talk about SEO, too often, we only consider Google and nothing else. And there's no harm in that, of course, we all desire the best rankings in search engine results. Nut have you ever considered that you wouldn't be selling your product only through your website but also through product pages on Amazon. In such cases, your product page must also appear on top of your competitors. Your Amazon product page also needs to be found by potential customers within the top search engine results as per the keywords. Otherwise, just like Google SEO, your product will most likely remain undiscovered among the many competitors’ product pages.

In order to create a strong SEO campaign, one needs to have unique content backing it. There are no bogging down websites that produce high-quality, exclusive content consistently. They will always end up above their contemporary peers in results pages of every search engine. Search engine algorithms are designed to analyze every content based on its relevance, utility, and comprehensiveness. This analysis leads them to rank the webpages accordingly. Your content's uniqueness provides you an additional edge over your competitors that will make these search engine algorithms rank you higher than the remaining.

How does the uniqueness of your content impact its SEO game?

The idea of putting in relevant content to improve the SEO campaign of your website might appear to be a simple enough requirement from the outset. Yet, it takes a lot more than throwing in ample keywords in every paragraph. If you follow your competitors and match their content, it will only add to your content's blandness. It'll make your content irrelevant and add to its chances of getting forgotten among the SERPs. Hence any random browser will hardly ever come across your content even while searching for the relevant keywords. Hence we need to improvise and work on our content and make it more unique than our peers. This distinctness will earn more brownie points for your website and hence traffic more online interest towards it all the while improving its rankings.

The following benefits can be summarized for your website when it gains the desired uniqueness in its content.

• Improved rankings in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). • The heightened reputation of your website as it will be regarded as authoritative and an industry expert. • It would also increase business for your website as consumers will find your content more informative and unique.

Vital aspects of unique online content
For making your online content unique for SEO, you will have to make sure that the content appeals to majority of the visitors and hence boost search engine rankings. A few crucial aspects of unique and high-quality content are listed below.

1. Comprehensiveness and meaningful

Readers and businesses must find relevance in the content of your website. It must include all relevant topics of discussion that add value to the consumers. Learn what your target audience is really concerned about and gather all related bits of info regarding it. If you can get your target audience hooked on to your website's content, they are more likely to click on the CTA (Call-to-action) buttons.

2. Include long-tail keywords and long-form

As per a large section of statistics, online users are more likely to share long-form content through social media websites. Long-form blogs make it easier to add long-tail keywords and relevant search phrases naturally into the content. Shorter blogs just don't provide this benefit. Long-form content has an essential impact on social media content, and it is explained well in many online posts.

3. Easy readability

Your online content must be laid out simply and in an easy to read manner. The layout must be conducive to skimming for the readers. This is where headings and subheadings play such an important role. It allows readers to skip to the part where their required information might be without having to go through all your content. The flow of the content must also be natural, and this must be checked a few times before uploading it on your website. Also, the language must be within the grasp of a large section of readers. It is advisable to stay away from fancy vocabulary, which might add to the discomfort for your readers unless the topic of your content demands it.

4. Rich in media

Including a variety of media files in your content makes it unique from others and adds more fun for the readers. I mean, who doesn't want to see more images and videos while reading a blog? Plain texts have always been annoying to readers, and that can be vouched for from our school textbook reading experiences. Add relevant photos, podcasts, videos, etc. at appropriate parts of the content. Breaking up your content into bite-size sections about the interests and aided with videos and images will enhance the content's quality. It will also make it eye-catching and exciting to read.

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