Why The Tone Of Your Writing Voice Matters When Speaking To Your Customers

By Paul Wynter July 30, 2020

Maybe you’ve worked for so-called professionals in the past where you were ordered to mimic their tone or to keep your writing completely devoid of any tone what-so-ever — just the facts and nothing else. While this is effective if you’re writing something drab such as mediation instructions, textbook content or privacy/terms of service copy, it’s not so great when you are looking at your business as whole. In fact, your tone of voice — or lack thereof — could just be hurting you in a big way. Before you start publishing content, you’re going to want to make sure that you know how to reach customers properly through using the right tone of voice in your writing.

The importance your writing tone

While vocabulary, grammar and enjoyment of w writing are all important to have, it’s also equally important to make sure that your writing has a personality. When a customer reads your website content or other professional writing, they should be able to get a feel for your writing personality through your word choice and overall writing tone. If they can’t get a feel for you, they can’t engage with you or the writing. Since professional writing is all about wooing the customer without being obvious about it, that’s kind of a big problem. Your writing tone does a lot for your writing and your overall professionalism.

• Consistency implies professionalism: One of the biggest mistakes is to change your tone as you’re writing. One paragraph is formal and precise. Another uses slang and contractions. The following is back to the formal tone, and so on. This is distracting to the customer and it can even frustrate them to the point that they assume you’re just a scammer in a basement who isn’t actually professional enough to deserve your sale. Whatever tone you decide to use for your business, you’re going to want to keep it consistent from paragraph to paragraph, and page to page, product to product, and so-on. This shows that you are true professional who can be trusted.

• Your customer will be intrigued and keep reading: Another important aspect of a consistent and comfortable writing tone is that your customer is going to be pulled in and keep on reading to learn more. They like what you’re saying and they are going to be curious enough to go through the rest of the content and, hopefully, convert from a view to a sale! While an image does a lot for you, of course, accurately written and comfortable writing is what is going to persuade your reader to hang around and stay for a while.

YouTube for Sales

• You’ll bring in the right kind of customer: Any professional writer is going to set a certain tone for their writing based on the research that goes into figuring out who their target audience is. From phrasing to wording to overall tone, all of these details come together to crate a welcoming and encouraging environment that will detract those “wrong” customers (if there is such a thing), and attract the ideal, target customers. Like a moth to light, your writing tone will be the irresistible feature that they didn’t even know they were looking for.

This is where target audience research is going to come in handy. Not only is it critical for a company to do, but it’s also critical information to share with the writer that you hire to do your content writing. If the writer doesn’t know who they’re talking to, they won’t be able to be convincing in their writing tone.

• It builds trust and comfort with the customer: A writing tone is also something that is going to get your reader to trust you. Like the first point, an inconsistent tone will make your reader think something is off, and leave. A writing tone that is professional and focused on the topic at hand is going to show your reader that you’re here for the right reasons. They’ll keep reading and engaging with your website exactly as you’d like them to do. A customer who feels though they’re being coerced by the writing, or that they’re being talked-down-to, is not going to be trusting of the company or comfortable. Writing tone is all about engaging and connecting to show the reader that they are welcome.

• It shows you are authentic: When you’ve got set tone of writing, you are showing anyone and everyone who reads your writing, that you’re the real deal. You are a real copywriter and you know how to keep things consistent and engaging. Whether it’s a business email or a piece of website content authenticity is one of those things that you can’t fake. You either have it in your writing or you don’t. From a customer’s perspective, a consistent writing tone also helps them trust that you are not some dude in a basement with a laptop. You are offering real service and content to them as a customer and are the real deal.

• It makes you stand out from the competition: Last but certainly not least, having a consistent tone is going to help you to stand out of the competition. Readers and customers are very fickle and enjoy being wooed. Your tone of writing should be professional, educational, emotionally present and entirely focused on the customer. If those things are all there in your tone (and consistent), you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from the competition simply because you’re the better option.

For better or worse, keeping a consistent and correct tone of voice in your writing is critical to getting the job done when it comes to customer engagement and conversions. Since you want to make sure that you are giving your customers the best possible experience and meeting their needs, the tone of writing is going to be a key ingredient to get right. It may take time, but it will always be worth your while in any and every way that matters as a professional.

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