YouTube as a Sales Channel

By Paul Wynter January 8, 2020

There’s a lot of content out there about how important marketing is when it comes to reaching customers and proving that you’re the one that they want to trust with their time and business. Sure, having your website is important, and making sure that you’ve got a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram is all well and good. But, there’s another platform out there just begging for you to use it: YouTube. Yes, really. It’s more than just a place to watch funny cat videos or screaming goats. You can market with it and reach a whole bunch of people that you otherwise may not have seen anywhere else.

The importance of YouTube

Let’s start out with understanding the “why” of it all. After all, you’ve already put time and effort into Facebook and your website. Why should you put all of this extra effort into a video watching and sharing website?

YouTube brings in billions of views each day. People love hopping around on channels and getting drawn into one wormhole, then another. When they see something that they think is fun, they’ll share it via other social media networks. When they think something is really interesting, they’ll check out the website that you’ll link in the video description, and then have a look around and share it with friends. Maybe they’ll even purchase your product because they’ve seen in action in your video.

Simply put, when used right, YouTube gives you access to many, many viewers who you may not access on social media. There aren’t as many parameters on YouTube and you can rely on the fun and easy-going design of video to show people that your product really is the real deal and not just a well-designed dummy image. Don’t you want all of that? Exactly. So, now to take a look at the “how”.

YouTube for Sales

When it comes to using YouTube for sales, you’ll want to focus your videos on your products, of course. Perhaps you are showing off their cool features or even putting them into action. The goal is to show that your products are real, great quality, and that people can actually dream of having them for themselves.

It’s important to make sure that you always focus on linking to your website and other social media in the descriptions so that they don’t have to go randomly searching for you on Google (which can lost their interest).

Make sure that your videos are produced with high quality cameras and make sure you also get a good quality audio microphone so that there is no issue with hearing what you are trying to say. When in doubt, go with subtitles too.

As far as your channel is concerned, you’ll also want to make sure that you align it with the look and feel (and focus) of your website or other social media platforms. Use your brand image as well as focus the content that you advertise on your company itself. If your channel doesn’t line up with what it looks like on your other platforms your interested viewers will either be confused or feel as though your videos are trustworthy. Accuracy and consistency amongst platforms is critical to winning support.

Focus on what your brand is saying with the design as well as the content of the videos. Does it support your brand and help customers engage? If so, you’ve done it right. If not, take another look at it and see if you can make it clearer.

YouTube for social outreach

The other part of the equation is relying on YouTube to bring customers your way and reach new people. Due to YouTube’s popularity on smartphones, more and more users want to enjoy YouTube on the go. Your product videos are easy to watch, professionally designed, and intended to be entertaining. All of those cater to YouTube’s clientele.

When they see something they like, they will share it with other YouTubers on their channel or even share it on other platforms. This brings you to all sorts of new eyes. Just like any other platform, you’ll want to make sure that you are keeping your videos focused on being accessible. The details such as video quality and audio quality, SEO, description of the video and other tagging matter to make sure that each video gets categorized correctly.

The last facet of the power of YouTube as a social interaction platform is that YouTubers love to recommend or dislike videos. They also love to comment back and forth and really get the conversation going. This encourages more communication, and it all starts to snowball.

The impact YouTube can have on your behalf:

We touched a bit on the idea of why and how YouTube could be helpful, but there’s another big detail that we haven’t talked about because it deserves its own space here. There are plenty of businesses using YouTube to help them out, but there are plenty more that are not. It’s often seen as a neglected platform and that will give you the power to make sure that you get access to interested customers before the competition does. When you go about using YouTube the right way, you’ll love the response that you’ll get. It’s easier than you think and you’ll be able to really make it work for you both short- and long-term.

Your customers deserve to know that your products are legitimate and that you are a professional quality company with something to say (and show). YouTube is going to be exactly what you’ll want to rely on in order to do just that in fine, professional form. It could be a key part of business, and the best part is that it is totally free and yours for the taking!

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