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Don’t let your customer be “the one that got away”. Reel them back in with engaging copy that reintroduces them to the value of your products.

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Concise and Compelling

Straight to the point. No sugar-coating. The generated copy produced compels the potential customer to rethink their cart abandonment.

Generating The Right Cart Abandonment Notifications

It’s human nature to get cold feet on a purchase. We all do it. You talk yourself into buying an item, then talk yourself out—or forget all about it. Cart abandonment messages are the best way to remind the customer what they might be missing out on if they don’t buy your product. A gentle, yet informative reminder—our notification generator offers concise and clear car abandonment messages in an instant.

Retail analysis

  • Gentle Reminder: : We’ve got busy lives, with a lot to think about and remember. It’s no wonder we let things slip through the cracks. Our generator produces exceptionally crafted, gentle notifications.
  • Optimize sales performance: Our ecommerce business analytics tools will help boost online retail sales by using predictive modeling to identify consumer trends and update prices based on supply and demand
  • fSequencing transactions: Having the ability to organize customer behavior data is invaluable to your business. That’s why our retail analytics allow you to sequence customer transactions in order to focus on the big picture

Category & brand management

  • Category performance: As a prominent feature on our retail analytics dashboard, you can identify top performers in product categories and use it to your advantage to make savvier purchasing decisions
  • Maximize profitability: BI retail data can be used to inform your decisions about which promotions to run (and when), how to make marketing choices based on geolocation, and when to take items off the shelves and into your online store, maximizing your profits
  • Improve inventory management: Make more efficient purchasing decisions with real time insights on how your inventory is performing to make sure high-demand products never run out of stock
  • Alerting: Set up custom rules to receive email alerts when top-performing products need to be restocked

Customer trends & behavior

  • Customer profiles: Have customers easily create a profile to learn more about their shopping habits, their order history, and their preferences
  • User loyalty: Access user behavior data to discover more about what encourages your customers to make buying decisions
  • Repeat purchase patterns: Compare and contrast the behavior of one-time buyers vs. your best customers in order figure out new promotions and marketing tactics to drive more business

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