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Caption Structure

  • Mobile Focus: Instagram was built and optimized for mobile usage. Thus should be structured in a mobile friendly way. Our captions do just that by providing content within 125 characters.
  • Authenticity: Being authentic matters on social media. Our generations are relevant to the user and come across as natural.
  • fSequencing transactions: Having the ability to organize customer behavior data is invaluable to your business. That’s why our retail analytics allow you to sequence customer transactions in order to focus on the big picture


  • Personalize: Incorporate emojis or hashtags which help create a more personal feel. Studies have shown captions with emojis tend to have higher rates of engagement.

Campaign Goals

  • Specific Audience: Generate captions aligned with your campaign goals. Use our buyer persona tool to directly speak to your target audience about your product.
  • Call To Action: align your caption with a call to action that drives users into the buyer journey.

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