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How it works

Search Intent

Use our Buyer Persona feature to connect search intent with relevant content that'll drive your click through rate higher

More Descriptive, Less Confusing

Meta Descriptions are automatically created from the content on your page if you don't provide search engines with them. This leads to poorly formatted descriptions that doesn't explain the products value and confuses potential buyers. Clear Meta Descriptions that lead with value can increase the click through rate to your website.


Clear Engaging Messaging

  • Active Voice: Generations deliver the clear value proposition for the customer
  • Conservational: Conversational tone that maintains your brand voice but is engaging to your customer

Keyword Optimized

  • Keyword Match The more keywords that you match with search queries, the more your search result appears relevant to the user.

Make A Statement

  • Control Your Brand Voice: You want to have as much control over how your site is shown in search. Give search engines meta descriptions to drive more click throughs.
  • Standout: Separate your products from others by giving potential buyers reasons they should click through to your product.

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